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G.M.G. Mobile Suit Gundam Earth United Army Soldier 【with gift】

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Release date : FEB 2021 ; Est. arrive in 1-2 month after release date

Order by 27 SEP'20 / Sun, if not you may have a lower chance to secure this item.

From "Mobile Suit Gundam", a new movable figure series "Gundam Military Generation (GMG)" focusing on "Soldiers" is now available!

With the high support of Gundam fans, military fans, and figure fans, the second release has already arrived. Following the previous bullet, we have a lineup of 3 types of general soldiers of the Earth Federation Army, 2 types of male soldiers and 1 type of female soldiers with different body shapes.

The pre-painted finished figure is about 10 cm in height (about 1/18 scale). It is possible to correspond to various poses by moving the whole body.
General soldier 01 comes with a service pistol, a service rifle, a bazooka, a poncho, etc. as optional parts. General Soldier 02 comes with ammunition, rucksack, etc. as optional parts in the formal grenade launcher. General Soldier 03 comes with optional parts such as a land mover, a Zaku machine gun cartridge case, and binoculars.

The abundant optional parts can also be used by other soldiers (sold separately), so the more you collect, the more original soldiers you can reproduce. From a military perspective, you can create a wide range of situations from soldiers' daily lives to battle scenes.

Bonus parts are included in each product, and if you purchase 3 types, you can recreate the rest of the soldiers. Among the many Gundam figures that have stars, the full-scale action figure "GMG" is a close-up of "anonymous soldier" instead of a famous soldier. Please look forward to future missions.

* It is a set sale product that you can purchase 3 general soldiers 01-03 [with benefits] at once.
* Each One comes with a different facial expression head part.


Product size : each figure Height approx 100mm

Product specifications

-Colored finished product movable figure (3 bodies)
-Replacement head (3 types)
-Hand parts (12 types)
-Various accessory parts (34 pieces)
-Limited benefits: Head parts (3 types)

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.