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COMBAT ARMORS MAX 20: Soltic H102 Bushman Reinforced Pack Mounted Type

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Order by 19 Apr'20 / Sun, if not you may have a lower chance to secure this figurine.

The 5th CB Armor variation in the series: the reinforced pack mounted Soltic H102 Bushman!

From "Fang of the Sun Dougram" comes the fifth in a plastic model series of Combat Armor variations based on the illustrations of Kunio Okawara, the Soltic H102 Bushman Reinforced Pack Mounted Type, featuring an auxiliary rocket launcher!

  • This model kit makes use of snap-fit connections. (Glue required for some parts.)
  • Each joint makes use of a poly-cap, allowing for smooth and easy posing of the finished product.
  • Reinforced pack parts made with a brand new mold.
  • The auxiliary rocket launcher that attaches to the pack is articulated.
  • A miniature sidecar is included as a bonus part.
  • The grey parts on the legs of the mecha have been recreated with a silver color specifically for this kit.
  • Cockpit canopy features a translucent brown color with a pre-painted orange frame.
  • The standard Soltic H102 Bushman can also be assembled.
  • The various markings are included as water-application decals.
  • The kit was designed in cooperation with mechanical designer Takahiro Yamada.

    PS and PE assemblable plastic model kit. Water-application decals included. 1/72 Scale. Approximately 140mm in height.