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Devil May Cry 5 - ARTFX J Nero - 1/8 Scale Figure

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Order by 5 May '19 / Sun, if not you may have a lower chance to secure this figurine. 

From the latest work "Devil May Cry 5" in the stylish action game "Devil May Cry" series, the young Devil Hunter "Nero" comes in 1/8 figures.

Nero holding a blue rose with a provocative look, and details such as the metal fittings of the coat and the details of the folded back of the sleeves 
produce realistic shapes drawn with attention to detail.

In addition, familiar "Blue Rose" and "Red Queen" are faithfully reproduced! 
The finely shaped combustion engine and handle of the Red Queen are now ready to fire "Ekseed" and burn their enemies.

In addition, a new force "Devil Breaker" is also reproduced in a precise form, replacing the demon arm of the appearance from the present work!

Apart from the "gerbera" worn on the arm, as in the game, we carried several devil breakers around the waist, and 
this time we picked up the "overture" and "punch line".

Although hidden behind the coat, the faithfully reproduced form is a must-see spot for fans!

"ARTFX J Nero" which sends in overwhelming quality. Please make sure to get it now.

You can enjoy the world view of the series even more by arranging it together with "ARTFX J Dante" of the same series.


Approx. 240mm in height

Also available : ARTFX J DANTE