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FAQ: Capsule Toy

What is Capsule Toy?

Capsule toy, also known as 'gashapon', are mini figurines or merchandise inserted into the capsule, plastic shells that seperate into two halves and then randomly placed in bulk in the vending machine. It have long been popular game in Japan. You will get a surprise with every spin not knowing what capsule toys you will get! And Oh! Gatcha refreshes it's original capsule toys every month!

Where can I 'gatcha' capsule toys?

You can gatcha them at our Pop-up store at 25C Art & Hobbies (Kelana Jaya) or Hobility (Sungai Wang Plaza) ! We do also often be at ACG conventions so follow our Facebook for latest updates! If not, you can get them here at our online store!

Check out this list for current available capsule toys.

How much is each capsule toy?

It depends on the tokens needed to 'gatcha' the certain capsule toys. For example: 1 token (RM5) ; 2 tokens (RM10) ; 3 tokens (RM15) ; 4 tokens (RM20) ; 5 tokens (RM25) ...

How do I 'gatcha' ?

Step 1: Exchange for tokens with the shop keeper.

Step 2: Place all the tokens accordingly into the token slot (left and right).

Step 3: Spin it clockwise & gatcha!

How can I purchase a complete set?

Complete set purchase is only available here online, not available at pop-up store.

What is Capsule Hunter?

Capsule Hunter is the community group by Oh! Gatcha to share exclusive monthly capsule toys release, discuss and exchange capsule toys. Plus, all capsule hunters are entitled for a 'Reward Card' to collect points everytime they 'gatcha' and be the first the complete the race!