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FAQ: Ichiban Kuji?


Ichiban Kuji is actually win-win game by Banpresto. It has a variety of prizes / merchandise such as figurines, towels, mugs, keychains etc from the same series. Kuji Tickets are available to purchase in order to win the prizes. The listed prizes is ranged based on the rarity for the item, Prize A is the rarest while Prize E/F... is the common ones. Plus, they have ONE 'Last Ticket' prize for the last ticket holder, which means if you are the last ticket holder, you will bring home TWO prizes! (ticket prize + last prize)

Where can I get a KUJI Ticket?

You can get them here at our online shop or visit 25C Art and Hobbies to purchase your lucky ticket! Plus, Oh! Gatcha will organize a LIVE DRAW session on FB LIVE.

How much does it cost per box?

It depends, may range from RM38 – RM48 per ticket.

How to play ICHIBAN KUJI?

Step 1 : Pay for the amount of tickets at ohgatcha.com / 25C Art and Hobbies

Step 2 : Draw the ticket from the lucky draw box. (If you are participating the LIVE DRAW session, we will draw the ticket for you.)

Step 3 : Peel off the ticket accordingly, then it'll reveals what prize you have won!

How many tickets can I purchase?

You can purchase as many ticket as you wished! =)