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FAQ: Pre-Order

What is Pre-Order for figurine?

Figurine that is not yet released or arrived, but available for order/booking with a deposit payment to secure it. It may take several waiting months, until it arrives Malaysia & ready to be delivered/shipped. As not all pre-order items will be available to purchase by then, hence pre-order ahead is highly encourage for the product you desired.

Plus, we offer exclusive discount for pre-order figurines. Enjoy 5% for pre-order & extra 5% for any one-shot payment.

Pre-Order Payment Option

Deposit (option): Deposit is only needed to make a booking for Pre-Order item. Full payment as stated in product description is required to make within (7) business days, only when the item has arrived Malaysia and ready to be delivered / shipped. Deposit made is not refundable unless we're unable to obtain the item.
One-Shot (option): One-shot payment is required to make within (7) business days after the order is placed. No extra payment is required unless*
*Stated shipping is rate based on estimation, if the item's size and weight exceed estimated rate, extra shipping might be charged.