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Ichiban KUJI Demon Slayer Resolution The Third

Ichiban Kuji (δΈ€η•ͺくじ) is Japanese for Number One Lucky Draw Games, popular in Japan. Price shown is the price of ONE (1) ticket. Each ticket is a GUARANTEED WIN of the listed prizes. Available for online & in-store purchase.

Ichiban KUJI Demon Slayer Resolution The Third

πŸ“ Oh! Gatcha IOI Mall, Puchong

Total 80 Prizes. Prizes lineup:

Prize A: Tengen Uzui LAYER SCAPE figure
Prize B: Kurihana Ochi Kanao LAYER SCAPE figure
Prize C: Inosuke Hashibira LAYER SCAPE figure
Prize D: Chokokko figure
Prize E: hand towel
Prize F: Chokonokko acrylic key chain
Prize G: Kyun Chara Rubber Mascot with Dialogue

Last Prize: Tengen Uzui Last One ver. figure

LAST TICKET holder, gets to bring home purchased Ticket prize + LAST One prize !

*Strictly no reservation allowed.
*No return, refund or exchange of won prizes.
*Additional postage will be charged according to type of winning prizes.