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Harmonia bloom Somei Yoshino

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Release Date: 2022/05 ; Est. arrive in 1-2 month after release date

Order by 2022/03/27 (Sun), if not you may have a lower chance to secure this item.

Slumbering in spring, a handful of dreaming plants.

The next character to join Good Smile Company's doll brand "Harmonia bloom" is Somei Yoshino.
Somei Yoshino features a deep purple and black bobbed hairstyle and Japanese-style makeup with lightly drawn eyebrows, striking red eyeshadow and a subdued lip color. Her glass eyes are a dark red color with silver foil, conjuring an image of fresh cherries. Somei Yoshino's original outfit is based on a Japanese kimono, and features a skirt reminiscent of cherry blossom petals, a bonnet with Tsumami Zaiku-esque decorations and two types of obi belts.
Be sure to add this ephemeral and beautiful cherry blossom to your collection.

Plastic articulated doll with stand included. Approximately 230mm in height. Doll: PVC, ABS, Magnets, Glass
Clothing: PVC, Cotton, Copper, Polyester Stand: ABS Stand Arm: Copper / Approximately 230mm in height.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.