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ACKS No. MC-06 - V.F.G. Macross F VF-25S MESSIAH

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The long-awaited new VF girl, “VF-25S Messiah” is now on standby! Smoother transformation from Fighter to Gawalk is now possible! There are also plenty of gimmicks, such as engine drawers, bental fin movements, and variable wings! The body parts of the girl body are even more attractive by color-coded molding. Please enjoy the VF girl that has evolved further from the VF-31 series.

  • Size: Overall length: 215mm Body height: 155mm
  • Product Specifications: deformation, three forms reproduction by part assembly replacement adhesive unnecessary snap kit model
    color-coded molded pad printing face parts three included
    color ring reproducibility for the seal comes ※ pedestal is not included
  • Material: PS/ABS/PVC