GGG Mobile Suit Gundam - Char Aznable (REPEAT) - 1/8TH SCALE FIGURE


Release date : SEP 2020 ; Est. arrive in 1-2 month after release date

Order by 24 MAY'20 / Sun, if not you may have a lower chance to secure this item.

Gundam Guys Generation (GGG) that appeared in 2017.

The first version of "GGG Char Aznable" is back with the first version. The product is a colored 1/8 scale finished product. By replacing parts on the head, you can reproduce wearing and removing the helmet.
You can also hold the removed helmet on your left arm.

The package reproduces the world view of Gundam with a new design featuring Char's Zugok.

Char Aznable, who was feared by his opponents as "Red Comet" as a great pilot and commander of the one-year war.

Please take this opportunity to revive the beautiful posing figure.

Painted 1/8th scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 210mm in height.