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Figuarts Zero - One Piece - Humming Brook

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ONE PIECE comic cover as it is three-dimensional!
11 standard figures appeared in Figuarts ZERO!

The tenth edition, “Humming Brook”, moving as the soul is floating out from Brook mouth in a humorous pose!

"Humming Brook" comes with a detachable sunglasses parts, coupled along with additional facial parts for "Black Leg Sanji" (scheduled for release in September 2019) and "Pirate Hunter Zoro" (scheduled for release in August 2019) are also included in this product!

Set Contents

・ Main body.
・ Dedicated pedestal set.
・ Additional facial parts for "Black Leg Sanji".
・ Additional facial parts for "Pirate Hunter Zoro".

  • Product size: Tall: 200mm
  • Material: PVC, ABS