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SSSS.GRIDMAN - Primal Accepter - 1/1th Scale

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"Access Flash!"

From the anime series "SSSS.GRIDMAN" comes a 1/1 scale recreation of the bracelet-like Primal Accepter used by protagonist Yuta Hibiki to combine with Gridman with its "Access Flash" ability. The Primal Accepter has been recreated under the supervision of TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS and TRIGGER.

The replica features various buttons that play voice clips of Gridman for recreating scenes from the series, like when Gridman activates the "Grid Beam". It is also equipped with LED lights and features light-up functionality. The theme song of the anime series of various background music can also be played from the device. Experience "Access Flash!" for yourself!

■Materials: ABS, PC ■Wrist Belt Material: PS ■Size: Unit Size: H145mm×D85mm×W45mm (Excluding Wrist Belt) ■Batteries: AAA x3 (Sold Separately)