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In / Spectre - Kotoko Iwanaga - 1/7th Scale Figure


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The god of wisdom of those who are called "Yokai", "Ayakashi", "Ghost", "Demon"

From the TV anime "Fictional Reasoning
" comes a scale figure of Kotoko Iwanaga, the god of wisdom of the "mysteries", who is the one-legged puppet of the first eye!

It looks three-dimensional with the figure sitting on the fingers of the skull and skull, peeping from dusk.
Small items such as trademark sticks and berets, and
prosthetic belts that look out from the softly expanding skirt are carefully shaped.

The guardian dogs (white and black) that appear around her and support her are also cutely reproduced.
The distinctive part of the flame uses clear parts, stuck to the texture.
It has a strong presence even though it is small.

Also, the hat has a built-in magnet inside and can be removed.
You can decorate your favorite situation.

Please enjoy the beautiful "Ohisama" at hand, which looks pretty and looks like a young lady .


  • 1/7th scale. Approximate 182 mm in height.
  • PVC, ABS and Magnet