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Little Armory - LA003 - SCAR-H Type

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As a 1/12 scale item "firearm" is made into a kit. The second is the SCAR-H type of the next-generation battle rifle and the large-diameter objective rifle M82A2 type. Emphasis was placed on the repeatability of the details, and made it a prefabricated runner kit. 
It is a part composition conscious of the dividing line of a real gun, and it can reproduce any figure such as the figure without optics mounted and the figure during field stripping. It is the best product as an accessory for general 1/12 scale movable figures.

Specification : 1/12 scale 
runner kit (achromatic color) 
black + FDE (flat dark earth) color resin (made by PS) 
※ We recommend the use of adhesive for plastic model

Product Size : 7cm in total length

Package : Sack Box (W130 x H 210 x D 20 mm)