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Megami Device - Asra Archer Aoi

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! “Megami Device” is the ultimate plastic model kit series combining Bishoujo-style beauties and heavy-duty weapons and armor. Each character has a main body, or “machinika,” designed by Masaki Apsy along with a huge array of interchangeable parts to outfit her as you like. The latest lady joining the line is a cool new version of a previously released warrior, ASRA ARCHER AOI!

Designed by Nidy-2D, this updated version of ASRA Archer features a cool new look and wields a tremendous technological bow. Archer can be displayed in either “Sotai Mode” with bare limbs and without her stunning white and blue mechanical armor, or in “Busou Mode” fully outfitted for battle. The machinika body is fully articulated for extreme poseability and it can even be seated in natural poses; it also comes equipped with 3mm diameter attachment points that can mount parts from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G. series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girls, and other models. Asra Archer Aoi also comes with three pre-painted face parts, various weapons including a longbow and translucent pink blades, multiple sets of hands, new decals for eyes and body markings, and more.

You can even create a special “Samurai Mode” by using parts from the previously released Asra Ninja model kit! Sculpted by Apsy Masaki, Noritaka Fukumoto, and Shunichi Karashima, Asra Archer Aoi stands 5 ½ inches tall fully assembled. Display this longbow-wielding machinika alone or alongside other Megami Device ladies, and mix and match their parts to create your own ultimate warrior!

Approx 140mm in height