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METAMOR-FORCE -BARI-ATION Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei Sol Gravion

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"The Sun Gravion appears!"

Long awaited collaboration project [METAMOR-FORCE "BARI"ATION] between Masami Owari and Thousand Value Training!

The Grand Kaiser is equipped with 4 Sol Granddivas: Geo Mirage, Geo Javelin, Geo Caliber, and Geo Stinger, and a gimmick to “fire imperial God”. 

This is the first ever finished TOY using an alloy! Equipped with a gimmick that removes the emblem of the chest and becomes a super heavy sword, and a telescopic gimmick of the solgraviton cannon on both shoulders. Use clear parts and die-cast parts for each part. 

A large Geo Mirage part is included to reproduce the "G Gradius", a giant fighter that combines four Solgrandivas. A pedestal for "G Gradius" is also included. The Grand Kaiser that comes with this work is the latest version with some mold adjustments and paint additions. "Solgravion" suitable for calling the definitive edition is finally completed!

  • Size: Approximately 235mm in height.
  • Material: Die-cast, ABS, PVC, PA, POM
  • Accessories: Sol Gravion replacement wrist x 2 types (left and right), Grand Kaiser replacement wrist (left and right), Super Heavy Sword, Geo Gradius parts for G Gradius, G Gradius base.