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Portrait.Of.Pirates - ONE PIECE - Playback Memories Bellemere

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"Playback Memories" series that carefully selects popular characters from past episodes and makes them three-dimensional. Bell Mer will appear as the second installment in Aaron Park.

Raising the orphans Nami and Nojiko who met on the battlefield during the Navy era, and a brave and loving figure who bet on life to protect them from the hands of Aaron crew attacking the coconut village, the prototype master who handled the chick in the black cage -By Eriko & Taimokei Tag, it is three-dimensionalized with the best quality that gathers the best of current technology.
It is a convincing gem if you are a one-piece fan, as you can pose with oranges by replacing your left hand.



  • Height aprox 235mm
  • Painted finished figure (with replacement parts)
  • Exclusive pedestal