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Variable Action Hi-SPEC - New Century GPX Cyber Formula - Super Asurada 01 (resale)

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Variable Action Hi-SPEC, "Neon Genesis GPX Cyber ​​Formula" Super Asurada 01 completely deformed machine Long-awaited reprint! It has been transformed from technical circuit mode to aero mode and rally mode to 3 modes just like in the play, and realized without replacement. In addition to the movement of the boost pod and air brake, the gimmick is reproduced in every detail, such as opening and closing the canopy window! 

The details in the cockpit that could not be expressed in the conventional Variable Action series are also faithfully reproduced. In addition, many die-cast parts are used, giving off a certain sense of weight and presence. With the cooperation of Gaia Notes Co., Ltd., the coloring has become a profound feeling prospering on a large scale of 1/18 based on the animation setting color.

Full length: approx 260mm.