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Dead by Daylight - The Hillbilly - 1/6th Scale Figure


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A premium statue series in which characters appearing in the asymmetric horror game "Dead by Daylight", which is divided into a killer (1 person) and a survivor (4 people), play a three-dimensional figure on a 1/6 scale.

The third release is the murderer Hillbilly, who excels at high-speed movement and one-shot killing with a chainsaw.
Reproduce the unnaturally swollen head, the curved spine, and the silhouette that instills fear into the survivor. The eeriness of the character is amplified by making the skin so gorgeous.

Eyes covered by ugly facial skin are realistically shaped. The LEDs in the eyes not only glow white, but can also be lit red to create an atmosphere in the play where the point that Hillbilly stares at is illuminated red. Shirts and jeans with fine textures are painted with fresh blood and dirt.

The chainsaw that emits a gleaming sound is digitally and precisely formed. The right hand is equipped with a hammer that has been repeatedly murdered.

The pedestal is based on Hillbilly's unique stage, "Cold Wind Farm." Destroyed pallets are scattered at the feet.


  • 1/6th Scale. Approximately 310mm in height (including stand).
  • PS, ABS, PU