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Mobile Fighter G Gundam GGG (Gundam Guys Generation) Domon Kasshu

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Mobile Fighter G Gundam celebrates 25 years since its initial broadcast, and from that series comes a Gundam Guys Generation of the Neo Japan pilot Domon Kasshu!

The pre-painted figure stands 22cm in height and captures his confident pose with the katana on his back in lovely detail, together with his iconic cape and headband. The back of his right hand features his Shuffle Alliance "King of Heart" crest and his sword is the rusted sword he received from Schwarz Bruder.

In addition, purchases from Premium Bandai or the MEGATREA SHOP will include the memorial picture of his older brother Kyoji Kasshu!

Specification: 1x Figure. Approx. 220mm in Height.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.