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Little Armory Arms storage vol. 1

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"Little Armory Arms Storage" is a urethane storage case with a dedicated zip bag. 
A set of guns and accessory parts are collectively managed with a dedicated storage bag and stored in a large space of urethane. A small space is a specification that can store things you use frequently. 
Case outer size is A4 size equivalent, and it is convenient size to put in a bookshelf. The customized sheet for changing clothes is designed with a character illustration larger than the box design. There is a logo bag with a logo of a special size, and there is an entry field on the customization sheet, which is convenient for management.

Product Content : Cover book case 
protection urethane zip bag (large) 4 pieces · Zip bag (small) x 8 pieces 
Change customized sheet x 3

Product Size : W304 x H216 x D31 mm