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G.E.M. - DIGIMON TAMERS - Guilmon & Matsuda Takato (repeat)

From the GEM Digimon Adventure series, "Digimon Tamers" "hero" Keito Matsuda and partner Digimon Guilmon are back!

Keito, who has a happy expression, has been made into a three-dimensional image of a scene where he catches Gilmon, a partner Digimon who is jumping in.

By using facial expression replacement parts, you can enjoy the surprised expression just before jumping.

In addition, Keito and small items such as goggles, which is also a trademark of successive protagonists, are also carefully modeled.

Guilmon is three-dimensionalized with the image of jumping on his favorite Keito.
It can be freely arranged, and it is possible to reproduce situations that can be enjoyed by Keito from various perspectives.

You can enjoy the world view of Digimon more by displaying it side by side with "Lenamon & Ruki Makino [resale]" and GEM Digimon series!

Keito Matsuda: Approximately 80 mm
Guilmon: Approximately 110 mm