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Digimon Tamers G.E.M Series Guilmon & Takato Matsuda (repeat)

We are bringing back some of the popular figures from the G.E.M Digimon series, one of which is this classic figure of Takato Matsuda together with his partner Digimon Guilmon from Digimon Tamers!

The figure captures the moment that Guilmon is jumping toward Takato with enough force to knock him down, but Takato still has a huge smile on his face; however there is also an alternate face plate to instead display him with a more surprised look instead!

The iconic Digimon main-character goggles are also faithfully captured on the figure for fans to enjoy! The two can not connected directly allowing you to pose them however you wish for all sorts of possible situations!

Renamon & Rika Nonaka are also being re-released at the same time, so be sure to display them all together to bring out the digital world in your collection!

Keito Matsuda: Approximately 80 mm
Guilmon: Approximately 110 mm

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.