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Touhou Project - Chibikko Doll Remilia Scarlet

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It's going to be a fun night

The second little child doll is Remilia Scarlet from [Touhou Project]! Continuing on from his sister Flandre, the deformed cute devil wings flapping their wings and advent on the red moonlit night. It comes with a perfect size Gungunir, so you can take various poses that are cool and cute. As the included parts also include a flattering face and a doll eye, you can combine them as you like and have them look cute or look down cold!
The exclusive pedestal can be displayed side by side with the Flandre (sold separately) and the matching rich chairs! Please develop Benimakan at hand.

Specification :
  • Size: Height about 10cm
  • Material: ATBC-PVC/ABS

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.