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DIGIMON ADVENTURE G.E.M. SERIES Taichi Yagami & Agumon 20th Anniversary (repeat)

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"Taichi Yagami & Agumon 20th Anniversary" is back in the G.E.M.series due to its popularity!

The main characters, Taichi Yagami and Agumon, have been vigorously three-dimensionalized based on the key visuals of the time!
Arranged only for the G.E.M.series ... Small butterflies in front of them ... Hirari!
Their smiles, where the music in the play seems to resonate at any moment, have become a must-see item that Digimon fans cannot bear.

Pre-Painted Figure (base included). Approx. 125mm in Height.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.