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One Piece Portrait.Of.Pirates Nami “LIMITED EDITION” Ver. BB_Rasta color

Nami who is dressed in a special color costume for "POP One Piece "LIMITED EDITION" Ver.BB (bathing beauty = swimsuit beauty)" series will be resold for a limited time!

A special edition color variant of Nami's P.O.P ONE PIECE BB ("Bathing Beauty") is back for a limited re-release.

Nami's stunning body looks just as amazing as ever, but this time her T-shirt has colors based on Pappag's hat! The figure is around 130mm in height and is fully pre-painted. Enjoy the sexy Nami with a colorful 'Rasta' look in your collection!

Size: Height about 130 mm height

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.