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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Alpha X Omega Heero Yuy 1/8th Scale Figure (repeat)

From the collaboration brand "Alpha Omega Series" of Mega House and Alter, the main character "Heero Yuy" of "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing", which will be 25 years after the TV anime broadcast, is back in 1/8 figure!

It is three-dimensionalized based on the one scene drawn in the late opening that remains deeply in the memory of the fans. Not only the trained muscles, but also the finely decorated removable costumes are the highlights! In addition, although it is a silent, expressionless, and madcap character, I colored it with a gentle expression in mind.

Size: Overall height: Approx. 145 mm (including pedestal)
Material:  PVC Painted finished product

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.