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G.E.M. SERIES - Beelzebumon & Impmon (repeat)

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Beelzemon and Impmon are back in commemoration of "Digimon Tamers 20th Anniversary"!

"Beelzemon: Blast Mode" is the figure of Impmon regaining its bond with its partner and releasing its true power.
Beelzemon, which left a strong impression with its overwhelming strength and attack production in the play, and its stylish design, has been three-dimensionalized with a dynamic shape.
Not only the powerful pose and the expression with a warlike smile, but also the "blaster" at the moment of releasing the special move and the wings on the back are made in detail.
In addition, Impmon before evolution is attached on the same scale.

Specifications :

Overall height about 180mm (non-scale)
・ Pre-painted finished product figure… 2
・ Dedicated pedestal… 2

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.