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Celebrating the 55th anniversary of Ultraman comes a 40cm highly realistic Ultimate Article model of Ultraman (TYPE-C) featuring light-up effects!

The details of the model have all been carefully checked by Tsuburaya Productions LSS (Light Sculpture Studio) - using the actual TYPE-C designs every single detail has been captured in detail - the diamond shapes in his eyes, the ever-so-slightly asymmetrical differences of his eyes, ears and mouth and the often omitted details of his suit - everything is  captured down to the finest of details!

The model also features both light-up and audio effects! There are two different settings - the first setting features the Flash Beam sound effect while lighting up the eyes and Color Timer blue; thereafter the classic battle music from the series plays for 90 seconds!

The second setting instead flashes the Color Timer red for around 20 seconds before unleashing the Ultra Beam sound effect! The model also comes with an interchangeable arm parts which allow him to be posed in his classic fighting pose or his iconic Ultra Beam pose.

Two stickers are included for the base, allowing you to choose which you prefer (Series Logo or Ultraman Logo). Enjoy the perfect model together with the classic light-up and sound effects from the series right in your collection!

・ Main body (colored finished product)
・ Dedicated pedestal
・ Support arm parts
・ Replacement arm parts (left
and right)・ Pedestal seals (2 types)
・ Instruction manual
* Built-in LED gimmick
[both eyes, color timer (blue: light emission / Red: Flashing)]
* Built-in sound gimmick
[Transformation sound, BGM approx. 90 seconds (M5 fierce fight! Ultraman), Timer flashing sound, Specium ray sound]
* AAA dry battery x 3 (sold separately)
・ Overall height about 400mm

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.