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LOOK UP SERIES DEMON SLAYER Iguro Obanai & Tokitou Muichirou (with gift)

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In the "Rukappu Kimetsu no Yaiba" series, the long-awaited "Iguro Kobauchi & Tokitomu Ichiro" is now available as a set with limited benefits! "Rukappu" is a coined word based on "look up" and is characterized by cute gestures that make you look up and stare at you. "Looking up & sitting pose" makes it easier to see when displayed on a desk, etc., compared to normal figures.

The neck is movable and you can add facial expressions. The world view will expand even more if you line up with the pillars scheduled to be released in the future, Sumijiro, Genya and other members of the demon slaughter corps.

Comes with 2 types of original design mini cushions. Don't forget to make a reservation as it is a privilege limited to Premium Bandai and Mega Treshop!

Specifications :
Kobauchi: Height approx. 110mm
Muichiro: Height approx. 110mm
Pre-painted finished product figure
[Limited privilege] Original design mini cushion