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DESKTOP ARMY - F-606[TR]s FREA FIRST (Trial Color)

The project item "F-606s flare series", which recorded a target of over 500% in the 2018 crowdfunding project, was not available on the market. In addition, it is an appearance. Each of the 6 cute body designs designed by Kenki Fujioka comes with 6 different facial expression parts.

In addition, you can combine 6 types of weapons to reproduce the two combined forms of the large weapons "Mode-Wolpertinger" and "Mode-March Hair". Of course, the built-in hard points common to the series make it perfectly compatible with the conventional series. The combination of weapons is endless! Create your own platoon and take control of your desktop!

Specifications :
Body: Approximately 80mm in height
Combined state: Approximately 210mm in height
6 colored movable figures + 6 types of armed parts