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Celebrating the 55th anniversary of Ultraseven comes this Ultimate Article model of Ultraseven featuring an impressive 40cm tall size, realistic detail as well as light-up and sound effects!

The details of the model have all been carefully checked by Tsuburaya Productions LSS (Light Sculpture Studio) to ensure that all details of the original suit #1 were faithfully captured. The slightly asymmetrical eyes, sculpting of the mouth and details of the early Eye Slugger look just as they did in the series, and even smaller details that tend to be omitted such as the seams of the suit, texture of the gloves and details of the boots down to the soles have all been faithfully included.

The model features light-up and sound effects for an even more impressive presence. There are two options to choose from: the first setting lights up the Ultra Eyes and Beam Lamp together with the iconic transformation sound. After a voice plays the background version of the theme song (M7-2) plays for approximately a minute. The second setting instead plays the entrance theme (M31) for 10 seconds before switching to a voice line and then into the classic battle music (M32).

The model also comes with interchangeable arm and glove parts allowing it to be posed in a powerful fighting pose as well as the "Stop Beam" pose with two fingers out on extended arms. He can also be posed with an Eye Slugger in his hand for a total of three poses to choose from. Simply select the pose like best.

The base includes two stickers to select from - either the series logo or the Ultraseven signature logo. Enjoy the perfect model together with awesome light and sound effects and even the classic music from the series right in your collection!

Pre-Painted Figure with Light-Up and Sound Effects. Interchangeable Arm Parts Included. Approx. 400mm in height. Batteries sold separately.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.