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DESKTOP ARMY N-202d Titania Byakko


Nidy's design "Titania White Tiger" is now available. The new hip joint, which aims for the ultimate cute movement, allows you to take sitting poses naturally, and you can enjoy his finer poses by adding a movable waist and a movable elbow thigh. In addition, the tiger-like armament can be selected from the wearing state and the guardian beast state, and the large guardian beast "Huang Lin Dragon (unfinished state)" can be reproduced by combining the armaments of the separately sold "Titania Genbu" and "Titania Blue Dragon". .. In addition, you can enjoy the Chinese clothes mode with bun hair parts. Of course, the built-in hardpoint common to the series makes it perfectly compatible with the conventional series. The combination of weapons is endless! Create your own platoon and take control of your desktop!

1x Articulated Figure Approx. 80mm in Height + 1x Armament Part.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.