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G.E.M. SERIES Digimon Tamers Sakuyamon

From "Digimon Tamers", the female Digimon "Sakuyamon", who has the role of a shrine maiden who acts on behalf of God's will, is now available in the GEM series.
Using the evolution scene as a motif, the dignified silhouette standing on the surface of the lake and the effect of cherry blossoms at night emphasize the beauty of "Sakuyamon".
Also pay attention to the coloring of the armor and the molding with the edge of the Kongo cane.
The atmosphere is such that you can still hear the song that is playing during the evolution scene, and it is a finish that allows you to enjoy both coolness and beauty.

Pre-Painted Figure. Approx. 280mm in Height.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.