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G.M.G MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Earth Federation 07 Amuro Ray&Frau Bow

The sixth addition to the Gundam Military Generation series is here, this time featuring three new products - Amuro Ray & Fraw Bow, a standard infantry with a Buggy as well as the Buggy by itself.

The Earth Federation Forces 07 is a set of two 10cm (around 1/18th scale) pre-painted figures - an articulated Amuro Ray as well as a non-articulated Fraw Bow. Amuro Ray has been sculpted wearing his casual clothes, and can be displayed wearing his blue jacket or just his yellow shirt.

He also comes with an alternate head part for an angry/shouting face. Other optional parts include the Operation V file, Haro and a selection of hand parts to really bring out the first episode of the series. Fraw Bow is not articulated, but she comes with interchangeable arms parts to be displayed holding either her bag or Haro.

Be sure to display them with the previously released G.M.G.: Mobile Suit Gundam - Zeon Army 06: Char Aznable to bring out the Gundam universe even more.

Pre-Painted Figures. Approx. 100mm in Height.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.