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G.M.G MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Earth Federation V-01 buggy

The sixth addition to the Gundam Military Generation series is here, this time featuring three new products - Amuro Ray & Fraw Bow, a standard infantry with a Buggy as well as the Buggy by itself. The buggy is a large pre-painted approximately 1/18 scale model around 16cm in length.

The steering wheel and dashboard have been faithfully captured in tiny detail, and the four wheels are articulated to transform the buggy into its iconic hover mode. A rear bumper rack and jerrycan can be attached to the rear of the vehicle as special accessories for this product, completing the fully equipped military look.

This vehicle from White Base can be used in a variety of situations with Fraw Bow and other characters. Display it with other G.M.G figures to bring out the world of Gundam even more, and look forward to more vehicles joining the series soon.

*Please note that the buggy's tires do not turn.

Pre-Painted Buggy. Approximately 16cm in Length.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.