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Little Armory LA069 L2A3 Type


British submachine gun L2A3, commonly known as "Sterling SMG". Developed during World War II, it was adopted in 1953 as a close quarters combat weapon to complement the long-range, high-powered flagship rifle L1A1 (FAL). The style in which the magazine protrudes from the side of the iron pipe-shaped body is reminiscent of the Sten SMG of its predecessor, but in fact some of the Sten production equipment could be diverted. Despite the simple structure of the simple blowback open bolt method, you can see ingenuity not found in stainless steel, such as bolt carriers that scrape out dust during operation and rotary stock. The blaster rifle that appears in the science fiction blockbuster is a stage gun based on this Sterling SMG, and can be said to have been a spectacular gun in the world of silver screens.

Specification : Overall length: Approximately 4 to 6 cm

1/12 scale, runner assembly kit, made of PS resin