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LITTLE ARMORY LS05 M4A1 Asato Miyo Mission Pack

Disclaimer : Not available for international orders as shipment of toy guns are restricted in many countries.

M4 carbine learning with a uniform girl and a model!
A must-have set for Lito Amo fans, with a gun and attachment plastic kit and a booklet with comics in one! !! The attached booklet is the "Official Doujinshi" entitled School Arms Report. This is a 20-page booklet consisting of comics by Mr. Dedo, guns, equipment, and product introduction pages.

The included kit is the RIS2 GL / SSC, which stands out among the M4A1 SOPMOD BLOCK2 kits used by the US Special Operations Command. We modeled this special model considering the combined use of the grenade launcher and suppressor. In addition, various rail attachments compatible with the M4 series are included. Choose equipment from a variety of attachments and set up your favorite "ultimate carbine"!
Of course, since it is a 1/12 scale design common to the previous Little Armory, you can use it in combination with other M4 series or hold it in a movable figure.

specification 1/12 scale
runner kit (PS: black resin)
booklet (color cover 20 pages A5 version booklet)
Product size M4A1: Total length about 7.5 cm

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.