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LITTLE ARMORY LS06 SCAR-Mk17 Type Renboshi Fumina Mission Pack

Mk17 learning with a uniform girl and a model!
A must-have set for Lito Amo fans, with a gun and attachment plastic kit and a booklet with comics in one! !! The attached booklet is the "Official Doujinshi" entitled School Arms Report. This is a 20-page booklet consisting of comics by Mr. Dedo, guns, equipment, and product introduction pages.

The SCAR adopted by the US Special Operations Command under the name of Mk17 is an assault rifle whose caliber size, barrel length, etc. can be changed by exchanging modules. A dedicated grenade launcher with a sense of unity is also available, allowing the user to set up according to the mission.
The modular structure is also reflected in the modeling, and you can assemble one of your choice by selecting the parts in this kit. In addition, since it has the same design as the [LA003] SCAR-H type on sale, you can enjoy various types of SCAR rifles by utilizing the surplus parts.

specification 1/12 scale
runner kit (PS: black resin)
booklet (color cover 20 pages A5 version booklet)
Product size SCAR-H Mk17 type: Overall length about 7 cm

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.