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LS08 AK Anna Katori Mission Pack

Disclaimer : Not available for international orders as shipment of toy guns are restricted in many countries.

A must-have set for fans that includes a gun & attachment kit and a booklet with a comic!
This work is a model of AK's special model "AKMSL & AKMSU" and peripheral equipment, pump action type grenade "GM-94". And pick up the Little Armory character " Anna Katori "!
AKMSL, a night combat model of the AK assault rifle series. Equipped with a side mount for attaching night vision and a hider for countermeasures against muzzle flash, the appearance of adding a silencer and an under-barrel silenced grenade launcher is exactly the "special rifle for Spetsnaz".
This work is mainly based on this AKMSL, BS-1 "Ticina" system, AKMSU called a mysterious short barrel model, GM-94 pump action grenade launcher that supports close combat, etc. Special weapons of the former eastern camp. The & accessories are reproduced on a 1/12 scale, making it a product that has been made into a set.

Overall length 1.5cm.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.