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LD042 Gun Rack F Classical Gun Rack


Release date : 2023/05; Est. arrive in 1-3 months after release date

Order by 2023/03/05 (Sun), if not you may have a lower chance to secure this item.

The new series "STUDY 1942", which reproduces various firearms that were developed before World War II and became the foundation of modern firearms, has a gun rack with an image that combines a classic wooden cabinet with steel walls and floors. . Comes with hooks and shelves for various types of guns. A clear sheet with the image of a glass sliding door and a flocked sheet for wall decoration bring out the vintage feel of firearms.
*Gun not included.

  • Floor x 1
  • Wall x 2
  • Hook x 10
  • Triple hook x 4
  • Joint parts x 5
  • Wall floor connection parts x 1
  • Cabin net frame x 1
  • Woodwork shelf x 2
  • Support rod x 2
  • Woodwork hook ( 2 rows x 2) (3 rows x 2) (wide type x 2)
  • PP clear sheet x 2
  • flocked sheet for wall decoration green, red x 1 each


                                                  Product outer dimensions: about W10 x D10 x H21.5 cm
                                                  Cabinet inner dimensions: about W9.5 x D2.5 x H14 cm

                                                  The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.