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MODEROID RoboCop 2 (Cain)

Ladies and gentlemen, with great pleasure, I give you...

From the movie "RoboCop 2" comes a plastic model of RoboCop 2 (Cain)!
The plastic model kit stands at an impressive 22cm in height, with its unique proportions and mechanical parts captured in stunning detail. The plastic model also comes equipped with various features for recreating scenes from the movie.

Each joint, including its two secondary arms, are completely articulated. The head monitor can be displayed in its open state with the use of interchangeable parts. 3 types of monitor graphic stickers are included. The abdomen hatch can be displayed open or closed with the use of interchangeable parts. Lead wires have been used to create the arm cables, while flexible tubing has been used to create the abdomen cables. Pre-assembled click joints are utilized in the lower body, allowing for stable posing in spite of the model's larger size.

Water-slide decals are included as well. The model is designed in the same scale as HAGANE WORKS RoboCop and MODEROID ED-209 (sold separately), so be sure to display them together!

    Non-scale ready-to-assemble plastic model kit. Approximately 220mm in height when built.

    The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.