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NEKOPARA Mini-Figure100! Azuki

"Azuki Coconut" from the beautiful girl adventure game "Nekopara" woven by cute cats
Three-dimensional in the high quality series "Mini Figure 100! (Hyaku!)" ♪
"Sayori", the creator of the "Nekopara" series, is in charge of the figure prototype and motif illustrations!
Wearing Soleil uniforms that match other cats, the poses devised by the teacher are carefully modeled with attention to detail such as height differences.
The motto of the new project "Minifigure 100 (Hyaku!)" Series is "Enjoy more minifigures!"
This series is based on the concept of "high resolution & more happiness".
The pedestal is also movable so that the position can be freely determined, expanding the range of play.
The world view created by Mr. Sayori is a premium size.
It is packed tightly into a high quality figure that is comparable to a scale figure.
Please enjoy it together with the separately sold chocolate vanilla ♪

Overall height : Approximately 100 mm

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.