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Assault Suits Leynos AS-5E3 Leynos (Mass Production-Type) Renewal Ver.


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Release date : 2023/02; Est. arrive in 1-2 month after release date

Order by 2022/11/06 (Sun), if not you may have a lower chance to secure this item.

Mega Drive exclusive software "Heavy Armor Reinos" was released in 1990 as a 2D side-view action shooting game.
Combining the action of operating your own machine, Reynos, with the strategic nature of acquiring and selecting multiple weapons as you progress through the stages. The story was also highly evaluated.
As a variation type of the currently on sale product "AS-5E3 Reynos (protagonist machine)", we have commercialized the mass-produced aircraft that appeared many times as the player's ally aircraft during the game.
The brown coloring is reproduced with molding color, and three types of attached weapons are available: "Defense Discharger", "150mm Bazooka" and "Missile Launcher".

*The 12.7mm gatling gun that comes with (the main character) is not included.
*It will be reproduced in the "Renewal Ver.", which has renewed the packaging and materials of the product released in September 2011.


The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.