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Shigure Ui 1/7th Scale Figure

Illustrator and Vtuber Ui Shigure made a 1/7th scale figure based on the original illustration.

Her light reddish cheeks and sparkling, beautiful eyes have been faithfully reproduced from the illustration. The figure of her staring at you with her chin resting on her chin, her light flowing hair, and her trademark white bonbons have all been meticulously detailed to create an exceptionally cute figure. The pedestal is printed on a tiled ground that looks like a school floor, and the school desks and
chairs boldly express the world view of after school. An expression with closed eyes and a smile is included as a replacement part.

The illustrator herself turned into a figure! Shigure Ui at hand.

Painted PVC, ABS complete product 1/7 scale figure with stand included. Approximately 170mm in height (excluding the base).

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.