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Hdge technical statue No.12 - Ca Calra “ SHUJIN TO KAMI HIKOUKI ” ver. (Resale)

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The humanoid skeleton CIE "Cie Carla" that appears in the popular vocalist novel "Prisoner and Paper Airplane" is back! !!
About 7 years have passed since the appearance of "Kurane Shie, Nurse Shie" created by Mr. Deino in March 2014 as a figure.
Shie has evolved further to become a complete humanoid. That is Cie Carla.
[Absolute Evil] [No Pain] is the strongest doctor feared. Youbi modeling complement.
*Kakune Shie is a certified variant of Hatsune Miku certified by Krypton. Shiye Carla is the character of the story, with Shine Karune as the motif.

Painted non scale PVC product. Approximately 200mm in height.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.