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"Kimetsu no Yaiba" model from "Tamagotchi" is now available! You will grow into a variety of breathing users by using the “Kimetsu Tamagotchi Isukecchi Color”training method, which is based on the image of Inosuke's boar head .

It is possible to grow into nine "pillars" as well as popular characters such as Sumijiro, Zeni, and Inosuke.If you are hungry, give rice balls, if you are in a bad mood, give gyokuro, and grow into a strong soldier with 3 trainings (mini games)!
If you neglect to train, you will be injured, and if you do not treat it, it will be treated hiddenly, so it is important not to neglect the training mission.
In addition, there are also detailed productions that fans can't stand, such as Karasuya, Chuntaro, and demons who fought a deadly battle.
Make a demon slaughterer a good breathing user with a tight Tamagotchi full of the world view of Kimetsu no Yaiba!

Size: H approx. 40 mm x W approx. 30 mm x D approx. 30 mm