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Angie0_0 : Averyday Photobook


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UPDATE : FIRST batch of GRAND SET arrives, preparing for delivery ; pending for SECOND batch of GRAND SET - TBC

Angie's second casual photobook 'Averyday' is here!! Averyday means Angie's everyday, total include 7 sets daily theme photo.

Other than photobook, check out the limited grand set. It include limited averyday calendar with 12 different photo set cover and random limited printed Polaroid. Not just that, there will be a super cute tote bag draw by ink. diary and badge. Most important you will able to receive one secret dairy letter based on the story in the photobook set!

Of course, you can purchase the bag and badge individually. This time merchandise design for daily use or able to accompany you in daily life. Hope angie's everyday with you, averyday is a beautiful day!

- Photobook A5 Size 60 pages
- Bag 32cm x 39cm ; Badge 6cm
- GRAND SET (photobookx1+ bagx1 + badgex1 + calendarx1 + printed Polaroid×3 + secret diary letterx1)