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Sword Art Online Alicization - Asuna - Goddess of Creation Stacia (with extra parts) - 1/7th Scale Figure

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From the TV anime "Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld", Asuna is three-dimensionalized in the costume of Genesis Stacia.

Based on the illustration drawn for the figure by Yumiko Yamamoto, who is the character design and total drawing director of this work, we faithfully reproduce the figure of Asuna who operates infinite terrain.
Asuna's striking look with a large palm protruding and looking straight ahead is a must-see.

The dynamic poses are designed to change your facial expression from the viewing angle.

In addition to the shiny finish of Genesis God Stacia, with the pearly finish, you can reproduce Asuna who fights with a sword if you use the additional parts (for right hand and sword) separately included with ANIPLEX + early reservation privilege.

Extra Parts:
① Additional parts (for right hand and sword)
Replacement right hand parts that can hold the sword pulled out of the scabbard!

②Character design by Yumiko Yamamoto Illustration B3 clear poster
B3 clear poster of the original illustration of the figure!

Please enjoy the quality of Asuna as "Genesis God Stacia" who descended to Underworld.

Painted 1/7th scale PVC ABS product. Approximately 235mm in height.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.