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Release date : JAN 2021 ; Est. arrive in 1-2 month after release date

Order by 13 SEP'20 / Sun, if not you may have a lower chance to secure this figurine.  

Edward Elric from the TV anime "Fullmetal Alchemist FA" appears in the 1/12 scale action figure line "BUZZ mod."!

With a wealth of optional parts, the charm of Edward Elric is fully three-dimensional!
You can take various poses by using soft parts such as coats.
Also included is a pedestal "Lioboard" developed by Senpukuri, which allows you to reproduce various action poses. It is a product jointly developed with Senpukuren who specializes in movable figures.

It is also possible to change the arm to the state of the right arm of mechanical armor (automail) or the state where the sword is being forged. Since various movements can be attached by various parts, you can enjoy not only your favorite scene but also your own posing.

As accessories, three types of facial expressions, mechanical arm (automail) right arm, gloves replacement wrist, mechanical arm (automail) replacement wrist, forged walls, and forged effects are included.

-The head faithfully reproduces Ed's setting in the "Fullmetal Alchemist FA" play. You can enjoy with three facial expressions.

-Mechanical armor parts, additional sword parts, forged walls, forged light effects, and several types of wrists are also included. It is possible to reproduce various situations.

-Mechanical armor (automail) allows you to replace parts from the shoulder, and the elbow is also movable. The wrist is also replaceable, and it is possible to pose. You can reproduce Ed who performs various actions!

-The coat is made of a soft material so that it does not get in the way when you crouch or spread your legs widely. It comes with a refining effect, so you can recreate the refining pos

Size: 1/12 scale, approximate height is about 140 mm.
Material: PVC / PP / ABS / POM